AADE12 Manual

In addition to the Terms and Conditions you agreed to in your Application/Contract for Exhibit Space, each exhibitor is also bound by the AADE Exhibit Rules and Regulations contained herein, as well as the Booth Display Guidelines and Union Labor Jurisdictions. All exhibitors agree to comply with the conditions, rules and regulations, amendments and interpretations of the AADE.

To reinforce our commitment to our sponsors and emphasize the need for cooperation on the part of all industry partners, all regulations will be strictly enforced. Violation of regulations will result in the following penalties, to be levied at the discretion of the show management:

  1. Reduced standing in priority point system
  2. Withholding of pre-registration and post-meeting mailing lists
  3. Dismantling of exhibit booth and expulsion from the floor
  4. Banishment from future AADE meetings

Accessible Storage

Due to fire codes, the storage of materials, empty boxes, and equipment within or behind the booth space is prohibited. Short-term /accessible storage for materials being distributed is available through Global Experience Specialists for a fee. We encourage exhibitors using this service to monitor materials supplies regularly to anticipate the need for obtaining additional materials from short-term storage. Requests for materials from short-term storage are handled as quickly as possible, but delays do occur.

Adhesive Decals

Adhesive backed decals and stickers may not be given out inside the facility or at any registration area by any group, exhibitor, or individual.


No animals, except those licensed to assist the physically challenged, are allowed at the AADE12 Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Exhibitors are not permitted to use animals as part of any exhibit, activity or performance.  Please contact show management with any questions. 

Audio Visual

Audiovisual and other sound and attention-getting devices or effects will be permitted only in those locations and in such intensity as, in the opinion of the Association, do not interfere with the activities of neighboring exhibitors. Sound and noise should not interfere with any other exhibitor. Show Management reserves the right to take necessary action to correct non compliance.

Booth Cleaning

GES is the exclusive provider of booth and aisle cleaning. Other exclusive services include carpet shampooing, display cleaning, porter service or any other special cleaning requests. It is the responsibility of the exhibitors to clearly mark any cartons, literature, or other materials they wish to save during move-in and move-out. GES nor the Indiana Convention Center are not responsible for removing as trash any unmarked materials. Click here to order cleaning services.

Booth Promotions, Giveaways, and Drawings

The AADE Exhibition is designed to provide a showcase for products and services specifically for or customarily used in diabetes education. This is a professional showcase and giveaways and drawings should reflect the atmosphere.

  • All special drawings and giveaways must be available to all registrants. A public address system will not be available for announcing winners or promotions. AADE recommends that you post the winners in your booth. It's a great way to increase repeat traffic.

Character of Exhibits

  • All exhibits and demonstrations are to be within the bounds of the exhibitor's assigned exhibit space.
  • No display will be allowed to limit or interfere with any adjacent or nearby booth in any manner.
  • Exhibit signs, materials, or displays are limited to the assigned space and will not be permitted in any public space or elsewhere in the meeting facility.
  • AADE reserves the right to ask an exhibitor to remove any display perceived to be unsightly or in poor taste, or that violates sight lines.
  • For sign hanging, refer to the Indiana Convention Center Sign Hanging Regulations and order form.


Children under the age of 18 are not permitted on the exhibit floor at any time due to serious safety concerns and the presence of potentially dangerous working conditions during move in and move out, as well as materials on the exhibit floor-- sharps, medication, etc. (Hotel concierges can provide exhibitors with information on child care options.)


Service contractors and any outside vendors are responsible for any damage done to the Center property or equipment by their employees or exhibitors during their event, including move-in and move-out. Any damage should be immediately reported to Center Management through the Event Manager or Security.


  • Decorations and signage may not be taped, nailed or otherwise fastened to any permanent surface.
  • Adhesive-backed decals or stickers may not be distributed anywhere in the building.
  • Glitter or confetti may not be used in carpeted areas of the building.


Parking is not allowed in dock areas. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.

Elevators and Escalators

Freight and service elevators are designated for the transportation of materials and equipment. Escalators and passenger elevators are for passengers only and may not be used to transport freight or equipment.

Exhibit Set-Up and Dismantling

For safety and appearance, all exhibitors are required to set up their booths during the hours scheduled, not the morning of the show opening. Exhibitors who do not comply with these rules will be denied access to the show and will forfeit paid fees. All work required in connection with the exhibitor's participation in the exhibit must be done in accordance with local union requirements.

All exhibitors agree to comply with the opening and closing times. Exhibits must remain intact until 2:00 p.m., Friday, August 3.

All exhibits must be packed and ready for removed from the exhibit area by 8:00 p.m., Saturday, August 4.

Exhibit Staff Conduct

  • Unprofessional conduct is not tolerated at any time throughout the meeting. Exhibitors engaging in unprofessional conduct of any kind will face serious penalties.
  • All exhibits must be properly staffed at all times. Companies who leave booths unattended for long periods of time, or who vacate the booth prior to the official closing time, may lose the privilege to exhibit at future AADE meetings.
  • AADE strictly prohibits any selling activity in the aisles of the exhibit hall. This includes, but is not limited to, personnel leaving booth space and approaching attendees in the aisle, and selling in the aisles by members, nonmembers, or exhibitors. Approaching other exhibitors, at anytime, for the purpose of selling is also prohibited. Distributing samples, products, coupons, or any other material outside of assigned exhibit space is forbidden. Selling in the aisles is closely monitored and violation of this policy can result in expulsion from the exhibit floor. The best selling opportunity is in your exhibit space.

FDA Guidelines

Exhibitors are responsible for adhering to all established Food and Drug Administration guidelines for exhibiting products that are FDA approved and those that may be pending FDA approval. The Association assumes no responsibility to obtain FDA approval.

Hanging Signage

All hanging signage must receive prior approval and be in compliance with industry regulations. AADE reserves the right to ask an exhibitor to remove any display perceived to be unsightly or in poor taste, or that violates sight lines per HCEA or IAEM standards. Please refer to Booth Display Guidelines for further assistance.  

Indiana Convention Center Signage Regulations:

  • All signs and banners are hung by ICCLOS personnel. A Sign & Banner Hanging order form should be completed and returned to the ICCLOS. All associated costs are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  • All banner/signs must be constructed of fire retardant, water permeable material.
  • All signs should be assembled and ready for hanging with properly constructed frames and grommets or eye-bolts.
  • Banners must have a top and bottom pocket to receive pipe.
  • All banners must comply with state and local building codes.
  • Delivery of signage to be coordinated with show move-in. The installation and removal will be based on the show move-in/move-out schedule.
  • All sign requests must be approved by show management and the ICCLOS. The ICCLOS reserves the right to refuse to hang any signs and banners deemed unsafe or inappropriate.
  • All booth signs will be hung at a specified distance as prescribed by show management. AADE Show Regulations state that hanging signs must have a minimum of 16’ clearance measured from the bottom of the sign to the floor. Maximum height for signage is 28’.
  • An order form should be completed by the exhibitor to assist in scheduling labor for hanging exhibitor banners.

The Indiana Convention Center will invoice exhibitors for hanging sign installation and dismantle based on the time required for sign hanging labor and lift equipment. The ICC will consolidate exhibitor orders as much as possible to maximize the labor required for sign hanging, and determine exhibitor sign hanging costs based on requirements. For additional information on sign hanging costs, please contact Julie Helmkamp, at 317.262.3595, julie.helmkamp@icclos.com  .

Helium Balloons

The use of helium balloons smaller than 36 inches in diameter is not allowed. For decoration purposes, air-filled balloons may be used. Mylar balloons are not allowed anywhere on property. A cleaning fee will apply should any balloons be left on property after the event.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Those taking blood samples, either by fingertip or intravenous drawing of blood, must dispose of said samples and the materials used to obtain said samples in accordance with local and state health ordinances or laws. Exhibitors are responsible for all costs of disposal.

Literature Distribution

Materials may be distributed from your booth only. NO materials whatsoever may be placed in lobbies, restrooms, aisles, or other public areas. No distribution of stickers shall be permitted. No materials may be placed on seats, attached to walls, ceilings or woodwork in the facility or left in public places or distributed in the aisles of the exhibition. No soliciting of registrants shall be permitted in the aisles or in other exhibitors' booths. Samples, catalogues, pamphlets, souvenirs, etc. may be distributed by exhibitors and their representatives (including models) only within their booths.

Logos (Use of)

The AADE logo cannot be used on any promotional or giveaway items without written permission from AADE. The AADE logo and the AADE12 Annual Meeting & Exhibition logo cannot be altered in any way without written approval from AADE.

Non-Profit Exhibit Booth Space

Entirely at its discretion, AADE exchanges complimentary booth space with non-profit organizations and offers other non-profits discounted rates for booths at the AADE12 Annual Meeting & Exhibition. Non-profit organizations will only be assigned in-line booth space, as island and peninsula booth space is only provided for sale to for-profit entities, and at published commercial rates.

Non-Sanctioned Events

AADE reserves the right to approve all events surrounding the Annual Meeting. Exhibitors in violation of this policy will face serious penalties as previously outlined. Click here for meeting room/function space guidelines and meeting space requests.

O.S.H.A. Regulations

Compliance with O.S.H.A. regulations is a responsibility of the contractors and exhibitors.

Restrictions on Space Assignments

AADE reserves the right, at any time, to restrict space assigned for activities determined to be competitive to AADE, or otherwise potentially damaging to AADE's business interests; or in the event AADE may encounter space limitations in its leased premises.


All items to be suspended from Exhibit Hall ceilings and/or all other facility ceilings and balconies must be approved in advance by the Event Manager. Please refer to the "Hanging Sign" information above.


Standing on chairs, tables or other rental furniture is prohibited. This furniture is not engineered to support your standing weight. Global Experience Specialists (GES) and AADE are not responsible for injuries from falls caused by the improper use of this furniture. If assistance is required in assembling your booth, please order display labor using the GES order forms.


Exhibitors may photograph or videotape their own booths. Photographing or videotaping any other exhibit, without the express consent of the exhibitor, is prohibited.